Integrating the VTpass API

We have the Sandbox environment where we advise that all tests should be done.

After tests have been done successfully and integration completed on the sandbox, kindly request to be provisioned on our live environment.


Sandbox Parameters

For test purposes, kindly create an account on the sandbox platform.

To create an account on the sandbox, please click here.

This account will be used for all your tests, it has a some default wallet balance which will be debited for transactions just like in the Live environment .


Live Parameters

You can get your live parameters by registering on the VTpass live platform, then request from our support team that your account be provisioned for API access.

This will be done after some sandbox testing is completed.

To create a Live VTpass account, please click here.



The Sandbox API URL:

The Live API URL:


Support and Technical Assistance

We offer integration support through multiple channels.

You can reach us through email or add us on skype “vtpass.techsupport”. Our tech support team will be willing to assist.