Response Codes

This section contains the response codes you will likely get from the VTpass API.

The “code” parameter would usually contain the following response.


Response Code Meaning Note
000 TRANSACTION PROCESSED Transaction is processed. Please check [content][transactions][status] for the status of the transaction. It would contain the actual state like initiated, pending, delivered. See the next table for more information.
091 TRANSACTION NOT PROCESSED Transaction is not processed and you will not be charged for this transaction.
099 TRANSACTION IS PROCESSING Transaction is currently precessing. In such situation, you should requery using your requestID to ascertain the current status of the transaction.
001 TRANSACTION QUERY The current status of a given transaction carried out on the platform
010 VARIATION CODE DOES NOT EXIST You are using an invalid variation code. Please check the list of available variation codes here.
011 INVALID ARGUMENTS You are not passing at least one of the arguments expected in your request.
013 BELOW MINIMUM AMOUNT ALLOWED You are attempting to pay an amount lower than the minimum allowed for that product/service.
014 REQUEST ID ALREADY EXIST You have used the RequestID for a previous transaction.
015 INVALID REQUEST ID This is returned for a requery operation. This RequestID was not used on our platform.
017 ABOVE MAXIMUM AMOUNT ALLOWED You are attempting to pay an amount higher than the maximum allowed for that product/service.
018 LOW WALLET BALANCE You do not have adequate funds in your wallet to cover the cost of the transaction.
019 LIKELY DUPLICATE TRANSACTION You attempted to buy thesame service multiple times for the same biller_code within 30 seconds.
021 ACCOUNT LOCKED Your account is locked
022 ACCOUNT SUSPENDED Your account is suspended
023 API ACCESS NOT ENABLE FOR USER Your account does not have API access enabled. Please contact us to request for activation
024 ACCOUNT INACTIVE Your account is inactive.
025 RECIPIENT BANK INVALID Your bank code for bank transfer is invalid.
026 RECIPIENT ACCOUNT COULD NOT BE VERIFIED Your bank account number could not be verified.
027 IP NOT WHITELISTED, CONTACT SUPPORT You need to contact support with your server IP for whitelisting
030 BILLER NOT REACHABLE AT THIS POINT The biller for the product or service is unreachable.
031 BELOW MINIMUM QUANTITY ALLOWED You are under-requesting for a service that has a limit on the quantity to be purchased per time.
032 ABOVE MINIMUM QUANTITY ALLOWED You are over-requesting for a service that has a limit on the quantity to be purchased per time.
034 SERVICE SUSPENDED The service being requested for has been suspended for the time being.
035 SERVICE INACTIVE You are requesting for a service that has been turned off at the moment.
040 TRANSACTION REVERSAL Transaction reversal to wallet
083 SYSTEM ERROR Oops!!! System error. Please contact tech support
044 TRANSACTION RESOLVED Transaction has been resolved. Please contact us for more info.


Transaction Response Format

This section contains the response format for [content][status] when the  transactions is processed and the code “000” is returned.
It determines the actual state of a processed transaction

When the “code” parameter returns “000”, the following “status” are applicable.


Response Code Meaning Note
initiated Transaction has been initiated Transaction is initiated.
pending Transaction is pending. Transaction is pending. This may happen when service provider has not concluded the transaction. This status will be updated. Please requery to get a final status.
delivered Transaction Successful Transaction is successful and service is confirmed as delivered.
reversed Transaction Reversed Payment reversed to your wallet
resolved Transaction has been Resolved Please contact us for more information