VTpass Callback/Webhook API Integration

This section contains the recommended flow for integrating VTpass Callback/Webhook services when using the VTpass RESTful API.

The webhook service enables VTpass to send your system an update on certain activities. Such activities will include:

1. Transaction status update (Only transactions that are stuck on pending status and later resolved by one of our staff)
2. Variation codes update


The is usually sent to a URL you will provide to us via your VTpass dashboard. Please see



To receive the VTpass callback requests, the below refers:

1. Make sure to update your callback URL on your VTpass dashboard when logged in on the website.
2. Make sure the URL is a POST method kind.
3. Make sure to reply with a json data with key “response” and value “success”. e.g { “response”:”success”}
4. We will be sending request to your URL repeatedly until we get the response expected as stated above and this will be done 5 times before giving up.
5. The request data will come as a JSON with two parent keys: “type” and “data” (and maybe more)..
6. The “type” parent key will define the type of callback that has been sent.
7. The “data” parent key will contain data that you require for your action.
8. Look out for other parent keys that maybe relevant for your use.