Introduction to Messaging API

The VTpass Messaging API is a RESTful API that allows you to integrate SMS notifications on your application. Instances where you might use our Messaging API includes:

  • –    Sending SMS to user after registration.
  • –    Sending SMS to users who forgot their password.
  • –    Sending OTP to users.
  • –    Sending SMS to users after a transaction.
  • –    Sending SMS to users for marketing and promotions.
  • –    Sending SMS to customers after a product purchase.
  • –    Send customers important updates and notifications
  • –    Send product announcements

Services currently available on the VTpass Messaging API include:

  • –    Send SMS (BulkSMS) API
  • –    Others coming soon

Once you are in, we would provide you with API keys to get started with. Jump to the Guide section for more details on this.