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Every Wednesday, we take time out at to profile great people or industry who have pushed forward to make a difference in their world and the world around them. This is because believes that making a difference in a small or big way is actually the purpose of life. This is what primarily informs our website Subsequently, at, you can make easy, quick payments for your phone airtime, data subscriptions, electricity bills, cable tv subscription and much more. Our quick, efficient and reliable service to our customers, is, undoubtedly, making a difference, any which way.

There is yet another such organisation that has made a big difference in every way. While you know them as that place you constantly visit, if you need to know at all, we simply call them Google.

And true to its name, Google has, with their powerful online magnifying lens, made it possible for all the information we can ever think of to be at our fingertips at all times. And today, this amazing search engine is nineteen years old.


Have you ever thought of a time when Google did not exist? Well, there was such a time. Nineteen years ago. Google, actually, only came into the scene, as a research project of two PhD students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At first, it was called BackRub and then later Google, from a misspelling of the name “Googol”. From their humble beginning at garages and experimental classrooms, Google has arisen to be one of the world’s powerful organisation, without which the world would be in black and white.

Google has gone on to create a popular line of products and apps like Google Pixels, Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail, Youtube and even a streaming device, Chromecast.

You must agree that from a small beginning, a big difference can be made. Today, as we celebrate Google’s nineteenth year of making a big difference, we should remember that logging on to and making payment for our 9mobile, Airtel, MTN, GLO airtime as well as data subscriptions, tv subscriptions and electricity bills, can help us make that small difference in the lives of our friends and families. Because with, you can save time and channel your positive energy to the lives of others.

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