“Do you know how much you can earn monthly as a VTPASS Trade Partner?”

You must be wondering what the VTpass Trade Partner program is all about and how you can benefit from it right?

Trade Partners are SUPER AGENTS whose sole purpose is to register terminal agents under them and earn up to 0.1% on every transaction they carry out.

Being a VTpass Trade Partner, you can earn as high as N250,000 monthly, How?


Here we have broken down how a 0.1% commission amounts to a huge value for you.

Using GOTV and DSTV Bouquet as an example

A. Gotv Jolli - N2460

Mr. Aliko who is a Trade partner with VTpass has a down line who sells 15 GOTV Jolli packages in a day. See how his earnings grow:

  • GOTV Jolli @ N2,460 x 0.1% = N2.46K.
  • Then, N2.46K x 15 = N36.
  • This means, from one down line Mr. Aliko will get N36.00 on Gotv Jolli package sales in a day.
  • Assuming, Mr. Aliko has 20 down lines, he will make N36.00 x 20, which is N720.
  • And in a month, Mr. Aliko will make N22,320 (which is N720.00 x 31days).

B. Dstv Padi - N1850

Mr. Aliko who is also a Trade Partner with VTpass has one down line who sells 15 DSTV Padi package in a day. The calculation will be as follows:

  • DSTV Padi @ N1850 x 0.1% = N1.85K.
  • Then, N1.85 x 15 = N27.75K.
  • This means, from one down line Mr. Aliko will get N27.75K on DSTV Padi package sales in a day.
  • Assuming, Mr. Aliko has 20 down lines, he will make N27.75 x 20 which is N555.00.
  • And in a month, Mr. Aliko will make N17,205 on DSTV (which is N555 x 31days).

So in a month 20 down lines will give Mr. Aliko N39,525 on just GOTV and DSTV subscriptions (which is N22,320 + N17,205).

Now see yourself as Mr. Aliko, but this time imagine your downlines carrying out more transactions under the GOTV and DSTV packages, Electricity bills payment, Airtime and Data, WAEC pin and Insurance.

If you have been enjoying the benefits and services of VTpass, our TRADE PARTNER program is your game changer and the future of your earnings on VTpass.

If you are new to our platform, the VTpass cabin crew welcomes you onboard and is ready to take you on this ride.

The biggest benefit of being a TRADE PARTNER is that you can earn money from anywhere across the 36 states in Nigeria. If you want to travel the world and be a digital nomad, your monthly earning never stops!

If you become a VTpass Trade Partner, these are the different opportunities you stand to gain:

  • Earn as high as N250,000 monthly
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn i.e. the more downlines you register and the more transactions they carry out.
  • There is no time duration to your earning. As long as your downlines continue to carry out transaction you will keep earning on them.
  • Increase your chances of becoming a major stakeholder in VTPASS
  • Have a personalized registration link that you will share among your friends and family.

Click Here to Register or Login

To register your Down-Lines

From your trade partner dashboard copy your personalized Trade Partner Link and send to your down-lines to register with. It is as easy as that.

Right now, TRADE PARTNER is the opportunity and that's the goldmine of the future.

So do you have neighbors, families or friends you wish to engage business wise? Set them up to become Terminal Agents under you.

You earn, they earn.