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    Earn More As a VTpass Terminal Agent 10th May, 2022, 03:31PM

    By becoming a VTpass Terminal Agent, we are offering.....


    How To Get Your Uncle Abroad To Send Money 19th April, 2022, 12:36PM

    You know how you send your uncle messages online and.....


    Travel, Vacation, or Japa, We Got You 11th April, 2022, 11:41AM

    Are you travelling for work, studies, or probably going for.....


    Got "fam" In The Abroad? 4th April, 2022, 04:23PM

    Everybody's got someone overseas and now you can put smiles on.....

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98% BulkSMS Delivery Rate With VTpass Messaging 9th November, 2021, 04:00PM

Now you can send BulkSMS easily on messaging.vtpass and enjoy affordable rates, superfast delivery, zero charge for DND numbers, concise delivery reports and other amazing features.