Guess what time it is? It’s that wonderful week of the year when we put on our celebration hats, crank up the confetti cannons, and dance to the rhythm of gratitude. That’s right – it’s Customer Service Week, and we’re here to party with you! 🎈

At Vtpass, we believe that every week should be Customer Service Week. But hey, dedicating a whole week to celebrate our rockstar support team and, of course, our incredible customers? That’s just icing on the cake.

At VTpass, we strongly believe that customer service is not merely a department within our organisation; it’s a deeply ingrained culture that permeates every facet of our operations. Each interaction, every innovation, and every upgrade is meticulously designed not just to meet, but also to consistently exceed the expectations of our cherished customers.

While we acknowledge that we’re not flawless, we are committed to the path of continuous improvement. As we navigate this journey from where we are to where we aspire to be, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our invaluable customers, for standing by us every step of the way. While Customer Service Week is a designated time for celebration, please know that we celebrate you every day for being the driving force that keeps our lights on.


In this extended exploration of our commitment to customer service, we intend to delve deeper into the essence of VTpass’s customer-centric philosophy. With over a decade of serving you, we reaffirm our dedication to delivering the highest level of service excellence. This includes our unwavering pledge to continually refine and optimise your VTpass experience, as well as our tireless efforts to brainstorm and innovate, all in the pursuit of answering the question, “What more can we give you?”

Our Journey Together: Reflecting on Progress

As we traverse the path of steady growth and evolution, one thing remains immutable. That our customers are, have always been, and will forever be our numero uno priority. Our customer-first ethos serves as our North Star, guiding us through every decision, every strategy, and every interaction.

It’s only fitting that we take a moment to reflect on our journey together. VTpass has evolved from its inception, and this evolution is a direct result of our commitment to listening, learning, and adapting based on your valuable feedback.

From the very beginning, we have strived to offer a seamless platform for your various needs, whether it’s bill payments, mobile top-ups, insurance, or other essential services. We’ve worked diligently to ensure that our platform remains user-friendly, secure, and efficient.

The VTpass Experience: An Ongoing Upgrade

One of our core principles is never settling for the status quo. We acknowledge that technology and customer expectations are in constant flux. Therefore, we have made it our mission to evolve with these changes, ensuring that VTpass consistently offers a best-in-class experience.

Our development and tech teams work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you regular updates, enhancements, and optimizations. We’ve embraced the feedback loop with open arms, using your insights to inform our platform’s evolution.

What’s in the Pipeline: “What More Can We Give to You?”

The question of “What more can we give to you?” is more than just a rhetorical one. It’s a mantra that drives our innovation.

We’re expanding our services to cater to a wider spectrum of your needs. From new billers and insurers to enhanced security measures and a sleeker user interface, we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure that VTpass remains your preferred one-stop solution.

You: Our North Star

In closing, we want to express our deepest appreciation to each and every one of you. Your unwavering trust, your invaluable feedback, and your continued patronage fuel our drive to excel. Customer Service Week may have an official start and end date, but rest assured, our celebration of you knows no bounds and has no time constraints.

Thank you for being the heartbeat of VTpass. Here’s to many more years of partnership, innovation, and celebration. Together, we’ll continue to illuminate the path forward. Whenever you experience any issues, rest assured that we will help resolve them. You can always send an email to support@vtpass.com, call our active support line on 09087482377, use the live chat feature on the website, or contact us via our social media channels (FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.) 


The Vtpass brand prides itself on providing exceptional customer support and representation. In the event that you need assistance from a Vtpass Support Representative, you can be assured that you will get it immediately. Vtpass has one of the most active support teams and the team is always ready to answer all the questions you may have. Vtpass customer support is available to help you across all online and offline touchpoints; this article highlights all official platforms available to reach out to the Vtpass team. They are always willing to listen to feedback and take the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services they purchase.

Nonetheless, we have compiled an updated list of questions you might have about Vtpass’ services before reaching out to the support team. Click here to check it out, you’d be surprised that you may find answers to your questions within a few seconds. We encourage you to check out this article and reach out to us using the method that is most convenient for you if you have specific questions. You can always count on us for assistance. 🤗

Reach out to Vtpass on Instagram

Contact us via Twitter

Message Vtpass on LinkedIn

Reach on Facebook

Send a mail to Vtpass

Live chat on the Vtpass Website

Reach Out to Vtpass on Instagram

How much do you love Instagram? It’s the same for us. 😊 Our Instagram content aims to educate and entertain our customers at the same time, so we put effort into it every day. We post carousels, reels, regular posts, videos and update our stories with relevant content. You will definitely love it!

Our team is available around the clock to help resolve issues and complaints.. Simply send us a DM on Instagram. Our official handle is @vtpass. You will enjoy scrolling through the feed and moving towards your financial goals. Our team is always ready to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out – you’ll get a response quickly! Direct message us on Instagram @vtpass and start achieving your financial goals today.

Contact us via Twitter

On Twitter, we share relevant information about our products, give updates and even express our thoughts on relevant trends from time to time. And yes, our support team responds to all direct messages sent on Twitter within record time. This helps us build a strong connection with our customers, create an engaging community and ensure optimal customer satisfaction. By staying active on Twitter, we’re able to keep our customers informed about our products, services, and any changes that may be taking place. We also encourage conversations that help us learn more about our customers and their needs. This has enabled us to build trust and establish ourselves as a reliable source of information.

Our official Twitter handle is @vtpass. Click here to send us a message, follow and turn on notifications to ensure you do not miss out on upcoming updates and fun conversations with us. Additionally, like and share our posts to spread the word and help us grow our community!

Follow Vtpass on LinkedIn

We have established a professional backdrop on LinkedIn.

We share fabulous stories about our work culture on LinkedIn. You should follow us to confirm that we are not a regular company. Our stories and articles are written to show how our company is different from other companies in terms of values, transparency, and collaboration. We believe that if you follow us, you will get an insight into the unique culture we have created. 😉

On LinkedIn, you can’t send messages as the platform doesn’t provide an option to message a business. But you can hang around, and understand how we operate as a business.

Click here to check us out on Linkedin

Reach out to us on Facebook

Our commitment to you transcends borders and boundaries. We want you to find us easily, so we made it to Facebook as well. You’ll find helpful information on our Facebook page and also reach out to our support team ready to attend to your enquiries.

Visit @Vtpass on Facebook or click here to find us on Facebook right away.

Call or send a mail to Vtpass

Have enquires? Shoot us a mail at support@vtpass.com. Your complaint or enquiries will be resolved immediately, and a feedback promptly. And if you prefer to reach out to us via phone call. You can reach us on +2349087482377.

Live chat on the Vtpass website

If you log on to the Vtpass website, locate message icon at the bottom left of your screen. Click on that little icon, and a conversation box will pop up immediately.

Vtpass support via live chat on the website

Here, you have a chance to reach out to our customer support representative who are always online 24/7 to attend to you. Alternatively, you can check out the knowledge base where you can learn some reasons why you are having that issue.


You may receive a call from a Vtpass customer service representative regarding a transaction. In cases such as this, we urge you to properly question the agents in order to confirm that they are indeed Vtpass representatives. Once again, your satisfaction is our utmost priority and we will never fail in ensuring that you get the highest quality customer service representation.

Temporary VTpass Support Update

Dear Esteemed Partner, we have a temporary update to VTpass Support. You may have noticed contacting VTpass support has been tricky at some specific timings. To serve you better, we are restructuring our support and in the period while we do that, support will no longer be active 24/7.

In the interim, our support will be active between 7AM – 7PM daily. We have however also built in tools to help you resolve certain issues should you need urgent help within this period, while we proceed with the temporary VTpass Support Update

Regenerate Token: This is for electricity transactions. Transactions on VTpass get immediate value. In rare situations, this may not be the case. When you pay for electricity but your token wasn’t generated. just log in to your account and visit your transactions page. Click on the transaction and regenerate your token.

Find My Token: Where your transaction was successful but you didn’t receive token, just open the mobile app/visit www.vtpass.com and follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, click the “Find Token” button
  2. Secondly, input meter number and phone number linked to your transaction.
  3. As a result, the system will display transactions you carried out on that meter. Click on the transaction you didn’t receive token for
  4. Lastly, your token will be displayed to you.

For help with resolving other issues, you can send us a mail with all details at support@vtpass.com and you will be responded to immediately our support system is active at 7AM, or you can reach us via live chat or callings our hotline; 08138752358 between 7AM – 7PM

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. And we promise to be back and better as soon as possible. We remain dedicated to providing you with excellent service.

Happy Customer Service Week!

Servicing customers can be hard; it’s customer service week so we thought, what better time to let you in on this secret than now? We have one of the best customer support teams this part of the continent! Don’t believe? We’ll not just tell, we’ll show also. See below

Customer Service Week: Our “why”

You see, at VTpass, we do not believe customer service is just a department, but an organizational culture, with every interaction carefully designed to not just meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers.

We know we’re not perfect yet, but that’s where we’re headed, and we want to say thank you for staying with us on our journey from here to there. It’s customer service week, but we celebrate our customers everyday for helping us keep the lights on.

We would like to use this medium to reassure you of our continued dedication to bringing you the best of service, our endless cycles of upgrades to optimize your experience while using our platform, and team brainstorming sessions on “what more can we give to you”

Whenever you experience any issues, you can be rest assured that we will help resolve them. You can always send an email to support@vtpass.com, call our active support line on 08138752358, use the live chat feature on the website, or contact us via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram.) We’re currently not active on Twitter due to the ban by the government.

As we have grown steadily through the years, you’ve always and will always remain our number one priority.

Happy Customer Service Week. Happy “you” Week!

– Lanre Ogunya,

CEO, VTpass

Customer Service Week

Easy Ways To Contact VTPASS Support

When we say that we are committed to delivering seamless transactions, we are not joking, and that’s why VTPASS Support is here.

We understand that naturally, it’s quite hard to trust someone else with your hard-earned money, which is worse for us because as Nigerians, we naturally have trust issues, and rightly so, that’s why we are giving you four different channels through which you can contact us whenever you are experiencing any challenge with your transactions.

The Live Chat

The Live Chat feature gives you instant access to our 24/7 support centre just by clicking on “help” and “start live chat” from the VTPASS Mobile App or by logging on to www.vtpass.com and clicking on “online – chat with us” at the bottom right. That’s it, instant access in just a few clicks

Call Support

Are you the kind of customer who prefers to hear the voice on the other end of the screen? Or you have an urgent need? Our helpline is always available to give you 24-hour dedicated support. That’s right, getting that issue resolved is as simple as dialling 08138752358 now!

Social Media

We know that you probably spend a lot of your time on Social Media. And because of that, we have decided to spend a lot of time on Social Media likewise. You can get your issues resolved by sending a DM to us via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook just like that. You should engage with us because we always love to hear from you, and that’s the truth!


Yes, if you’d rather send us an official mail, we are here for you. You can send a mail to support@vtpass.com now and we’ll help you resolve any issue you have, even if it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with our platform because at VTPASS, we believe in going the extra mile for you.

Searching for seamless transactions? Simply download the app or log on to www.vtpass.com to buy airtime/data, subscribe GOtv, DStv, or Startimes, or pay electricity bills now!