GOtv and DStv New Price Adjustment

Due to an adjustment on package pricing by Multichoice, there is a GOtv and DStv new price adjustment on the platform. This new pricing structure takes effect from April 1st 2022. This would affect the prices of GOtv and DStv subscription packages. Only GOtv Supa price remains unchanged.

Old and New Prices

Here’s all you need to know about the GOtv and DStv New Price Adjustment in the table below.

ProductsProduct CodeCurrent PriceNew price
Compact PlusCOMPLE361240014250
Premium +XtraviewPRWE36 + Xtraview Access2090023900
Premiumasia +XtraviewPRWASIE36 + HDPVRE362300026400
Premium + FrenchPRWFRNSE362550029300
Premium + French + XtraviewPRWFRNSE36 + HDPVRE362800032200
CompactPlus + AsiaCOMPLE36 + ASIADDE361860021350
CompactPlus + Asia +XtraviewCOMPLE36 + ASIADDE36 + HDPVRE362110024250
CompactPlus + French TouchCOMPLE36 + FRN7E361470016900
CompactPlus + French PlusCOMPLE36 + FRN15E362050023550
CompactPlus + French Plus +XtraviewCOMPLE36 + FRN15E36 + HDPVRE362300026450
CompactPlus + XtraviewCOMPLE361490017150
Compact + AsiaCOMPE36 + ASIADDE361410016100
Compact + French TouchCOMPE36 +FRN7E361020011650
Compact +XtraviewCOMPE36 + HDPVRE361040011900
Compact + French Touch +XtraviewCOMPE36 + FRN7E36 + HDPVRE361270014550
Compact + Asia +XtraviewCOMPE36+ ASIADDE36 + HDPVRE361660019000
Compact + French PlusCOMPE36 + FRN15E361600018300
Confam + XtraviewNNJ2E36 + HDPVRE3671158200
Yanga + XtraviewNNJ1E36 + HDPVRE3650655850
Padi + XtraviewNLTESE36 + HDPVRE3643505050
DStv HDPVR Access Service E36HDPVRE3625002900
DStv French Plus Add-on Bouquet E36FRN15E3681009300
DStv Asian Add-on Bouquet E36ASIADDE3662007100
DStv French Touch Add-on Bouquet E36FRN7E3623002650
Xtraview Access25002900
Dstv Great Wall standalone BouquetGWALLE3615001725
French 11 Bouquet E36FRN11E3632604100
Box Office650800
Box Office (New Premier Price)XXXX1100
GOTv Products
Lite (Quarterly)GOLITE21002400
Lite (Annual)GOLITE62007000

The Price Lock Offer

Conversely, you get the chance to lock your account on the old price for a period of 12 months however. With the Price Lock, you get to pay the old subscription rate over the period of 12 months. This offer is open only to accounts that are active by 31st March, 2022. All you need to do is renew your current subscription before your due date to enjoy the old price for the next 12 months.

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45 thoughts on “GOtv and DStv New Price Adjustment”

  1. Please I’m a customer, I have paid the old price, But the payment have not been acknowledged.
    Customer Name
    (Please confirm that the name displayed is the correct name for your DSTV Decoder/SmartCard)
    DSTV Subscription
    DStv Smartcard Number
    ₦ 12400 + ₦ 100 (Convenience Fee)
    Total Payable Amount
    Transaction ID
    Please act

  2. Some times I don’t get value for my instant payment, for instant my electricity bill, I updated my bank account connect to this App, thereby changing my phone number that is linked to the account. But the OTP is still been sent to the previous phone number that is no longer valid.
    So I just stop using it.

    1. Hello. Sorry to hear about your experience. Kindly provide the phone number linked to your account and the issues you are facing so we can help you rectify

  3. Truly your services are effectively and efficiently prompt and convenient. Please keep it up. Tanx.

  4. Please May I know if it is family bouquet that has been substituted with confam. If it is, how stations can one view from it.

  5. I subscribe gotv jolly for 2460 and I have been receiving only 47 channel almost 3weeks now, my question is, is it the package I subscribed or there is something wrong?

  6. Hello,

    For the last 2 subscriptions, watching my programs on GOTV has been very frustrating as pictures become still in a few minutes into the program. This is something like the days of ‘cracked’ vcds. i have endured for too long and i’m starting to get fed up. Could you please rectify.

  7. Hi. I paid for my subscription before the expiry date but it still haven’t reflected on my account cos I can’t view most channels. My iuc number is 2019329938. Payment of N3,600was made on the 7th for gotv max and my subscription was supposed to expire on the 9th.

  8. Good evening,
    I made a payment since on the 4th of April 2022,I was sent a payment receipt in which I downloaded it.
    But my channels are not showing only showing error codes and I have sent the code *288*1# and I even dropped a message and it hasn’t been rectified yet.
    IUC number-7531080771
    Name-Abiola Bakare.
    My package is Gotv jolli, I formerly pay #2560 but the last transaction payment was #2800+100=2900.

    1. The payment got stuck but has now been triggered and value applied. Viewing should commence shortly

  9. Hi,
    I paid for my subscription through POS, DSTV yanga (2950 with 100 charge) I was debited but I haven’t received it yet. What do I do please?
    Card number: 7016753882 DSTV

      1. Hello, I have paid for my GOTV max, 3600 from my UBA Account, which I always recharge from, and it has debited me and a message of successful was sent to my phone, but till now it is not showing, what do I do, my IUC number is 7023574809

  10. Hello, I have paid for my GOTV max, 3600 from my UBA Account, which I always recharge from, and it has debited me and a message of successful was sent to my phone, but till now it is not showing, what do I do, my IUC number is 7023574809

  11. I have been paying my subscription through vtpass for some time now but for me to reactivate my gotv since this week has not been going after checking in my iuc and proceed for payment by card it doesn’t work please what should I do

  12. I paid #2460 on the 15.04.2022 but as at today 17.04.2022 night my Gotv is not showing. Please how do l complete the balance payment of #340 hence I just got the information of the increase from #2460 to #2800 ? My IUC No. is 7528068906, phone No. 08063455113. Remain Blessed.

        1. Kindly provide the phone number linked to this transaction and the iuc number so we can help you check

    1. Kindly provide the phone number linked to this transaction and the iuc number so we can help you check

  13. Hlo. I Paid through my banking mobile app before the expiration date of my subscription to lock it on th old amount. But yet there was no option of the old price of 2460 for GOTV joli. I have no option so i did new pric of 2800 any refund. Iuc 2009570216. Phone 08039738959

    1. Hello. We can’t find any transaction with this IUC number in our system. Kindly confirm if this payment was made using VTpass

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