6 thoughts on “VTpass Instant Wallet Funding: Upgrade Your VTpass Account”

  1. I’m not too impressed about VT Pass, I loaded 1000 and you credited 950, you did that twice what’s that about? If you do that again I’ll remove you from my phone. Nonsense

    1. Good day, there must be some explanation for this. Kindly drop your email, let’s contact you.

  2. N50 is always deducted after funding my account. If I transfer N5000 from my other accounts…I will get N4950 on my VTpass account. Why?

  3. dear customer, the N50 you were charged was a bank processing fee to make the transfer to your VTpass wallet. The bank charges a flat rate of N50 for all transfers to your unique wallet no matter the amount. This is considerable chepar when compared to card payment

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