reduce electricity bills

Reduce electricity bills at work and home

Do you spend so much on electricity and you often wonder why?

reduce electricity bills

Want to reduce your electricity bills at work and home?

Saving energy has been the dream of most Nigerians as those privileged to possess prepaid meters are only a few while the postpaid meter users seem to experience a constant hike in their energy prices.

We have, however, compiled a few energy-saving tips to help with your home and business so as to help you reduce electricity bills.

With proper management, anyone can bring down the cost by nearly 30%!

Tip One: Monitor Your Energy Consumption In Order to Reduce Electricity Bills

The first step for you to recognize opportunities for savings is to know and verify the amount of energy you are using. You can take the electricity meter reading at the same time daily or at intervals of 12 hours

Tip Two: Target Your biggest energy users

In order to improve efficiency, consumers need to identify the major energy user so as to focus on areas of energy that needs serving. Several options can be considered to achieve this, for instance, less efficient incandescent light bulbs can be replaced with LED’s and also air conditioners, water heaters and other major appliances can be switched off when not in use.

Tip Three: Watch out for Vampire appliances

You may wonder why we call them Vampire appliances, well these type of appliances still consume energy even when they are not in use hence its name. Appliances such as microwaves,  chargers, TVs, decoders and music systems all fall into this category, so it is advisable to switch the appliances not in use off to conserve energy.

For a full list of vampire appliances, read this post on Edison.

Tip Four: Get Everyone involved in the Energy-saving process

While human behavior can have a significant impact on your energy use, some people are energy conscious and always switch off appliances which aren’t in use, others may happily leave for work on a Monday morning with all the lights and air conditioners on.

It is, therefore, very important to communicate your energy efficiency targets to everyone so that they understand the role they can play in helping to achieve these targets. Give them regular feedback on energy use as recorded from the energy meter and let everyone know when targets are or aren’t being achieved.

Tip Five: Favour Energy-efficient Products in Procurement and Monitor Your Energy Use

While one may not be able to completely replace all energy-consuming light and appliances, it is important to plan and make budgets to include energy efficiency as a procurement consideration so that over time you are able to slowly phase out inefficient equipment.

It is also important to continuously monitor energy consumption even after achieving energy saving, as this will help you identify when/where problems arise so that you are always on top of your energy efficiency performance.

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