Locate your meter number

How To Locate Your PHCN Meter Number

About PHCN prepaid meter

The introduction of prepaid meters came as a great relief to most Nigerians who were already tired of paying outrageous bills.

By using the prepayment method, customers can now properly budget and pay their electricity bill right before they use it.

Just like topping up your mobile phone with airtime, so also is recharging your electricity meter. Likewise, you can only get electricity supply when you credit your meter.

Different types of prepaid meters

There are two main types of prepaid meters: key meters and smart card meters.

A key meter uses a special electronic key which has your tariff information on it,

While a smart card meter sends your latest information through to your supplier when topped up.

How to locate your meter number

Each prepaid meter has its unique ID which varies in length between 11-7 digits. This meter number usually contains a combination of numbers and letters.

Each meter number has been made very easy to locate as this is often seen above or beneath a bar-code on your meter.

You can also find this on the front of your meter, engraved into the meter box or printed on a sticker attached to the meter box.

Anyone can now pay their electricity bills for both prepaid and postpaid meter on VTpass for a secure, easy and convenient transaction. Make payment for different electric areas on VTpass including Ikeja electric, Eko electric, Abuja electric, Portharcourt electric , Kano electric, and Jos electric.

Pay your electricity bills on VTpass

  • Visit www.vtpass.com ,
  • Click this https://www.vtpass.com/electricity-bill to select your electricity area,
  • Enter your payment details and submit.

Remember that your correct meter number must be supplied when buying prepaid electricity.

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27 thoughts on “How To Locate Your PHCN Meter Number”

  1. I am looking for my Meter number on the pre-paid Meter without success. I saw the serial number above the barcode. Please what is my Meter number?

    1. Hello, please does the serie number mean the prepaid metre number?? What I am seeing on the metre box is a serie number made up of 12 digit. Does it mean the metre number??

      1. Good day. I do not understand your question. Kindly rephrase so that i can answer. Do you mean your meter token number?

  2. Please I can’t find my meter number..it’s not imprinted o d meter neither is it pasted on d meter..all am seeing is serial number…

    1. Hello Kingsley. Kindly contact your local electricity distribution company for further help. Thank you for choosing VTpass.

  3. I have been trying to input the token given to me for the activation of my meter and out of the 20by 5 only 1 is being accepted while others including my recharge is being reject and don’t know why…. Please help out

  4. Hello, Goodmorning. Have been having issues activating my meter. Just newly moved to a new building. And I can’t load my token for recharge. Port Harcourt

  5. I have an old prepaid meter made by innoson. I can see the serial number but cannot find the prepaid meter number. How do I locate the prepaid meter number.

  6. Please i misplaced my meter card Abuja electricity precisely please how do i get the meter number to top up

    1. Good day. Kindly contact your electricity distributor to report this. Without your meter number, you cannot top up your meter.

  7. I just finished paying for electricity (prepaid) but I haven’t been sent the Token to be inputed into my meter.

    1. Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience. Kindly provide me with the meter number and we would look into the issue right away

    1. Hello! If you are experiencing an issue getting your meter number, kindly reach out to your electricity distributor support online or their nearest office

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