Vtpass Affiliate program

Earn Big with VTpass Affiliate Program

Do you have a website or blog? If yes, do you know you can Earn Big by joining the VTpass affiliate program.
There are a number of options available:

A. Place the VTpass Affiliate Banners on your Website

1. Visit www.vtpass.com, login if you have an account or register if you do not.
2. Click “My Earnings
3. Activate the affiliate feature
4. Generate an affiliate banner code
5. Place on your website and watch your earnings grow.

B. Embed VTpass Affiliate Links

You can also share our affiliate links or embed our links in your
Blog posts. Write articles promoting VTpass or VTpass products and services, embed your affiliates link and watch your earnings grow.

C. Share VTpass Affiliate Links

You can also share the VTpass affiliate links with friends and
Family on social media.
You get a commission on whatever was paid for through your affiliate
Get started today and boost your earnings.

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  1. I will like to join this program too. Mr/Mss Saviour Adugba i can help you place the ads on your site. I have experience, tht is if you cant get to your developer.

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