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Fridays are good enough days for introspections. The week might have been filled with a lot of earnings and a lot of spendings too. So, you need to take out proper time to do your summations and find the balance in terms of revenues and expenditures. But then, you do not want to spoil the weekend or bring in boring work stuff. Hence, it is much more appropriate to settle all scores on a cool Friday evening like this. But there are a lot more other things to check other than expenditures. For instance, you would want to know what it is like in your food storage and cupboards. And yes, there is your data balance, too. You have to check that if the weekend is going to be half as great as you want it to be.

However, most people do not even know how to check their data balance. It is easy enough to forget those codes with the hash tags and all. The same things apply to buying data subscriptions. There are just so many codes for these. Well, you can save yourself a whole lot of stress by simply visiting VTpass is an online payment platform that makes it very easy to pay your bills. So, you can pay for your electricity bills and DSTV, STARTIMES, GOTV cable tv subscriptions. And you can also pay for your phone airtime and data subscriptions. It is so easy. Just by logging on to, you no longer need to remember any code to renew your data subscription.

But then you will still need to check out your data balance on your phone. Well, here are simple ways to do just that


Dial *559#

Text 2 to 131

Text 403 to 131


Dial *141*11*0#





Info to 127

Status to 777


Dial *228#

Well, now that you know how to check your data balance, you can go on to check. And then, once you discover that it has been exhausted, simply log on to to get reloaded. Remember to have just enough data today for the weekend because a weekend without data is no weekend at all.

data balanceYeah, you got that. This is just how a weekend without data looks like.

In any case, from VTpass, enjoy your weekend

data balance

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